Educational spring

The lump of gold Translation
The lump of gold worksheet 1,3,4

1. Scared
2. Rich
3. Poor
4. Stone
5. Thief
6. Treasure
7. Cry
8. Happy
9. Tree
10. Hole
11. Money
12. Gold

a. Paul was a rich man. True.
b. He never spent any money. True.
c. He was scared someone would steal his clothes. True.
d. One day, he found a big lump of gold. True.
e. He put the gold in a hole next to a river. True.
f. One night, a thief took the lump of gold. True.
g. Paul was very happy. False.
h. He told the wise old man what happened. True.
i. The old man told Paul to get a big diamond. True.
j. Paul realised he didn’t need his gold to be happy. True.

c. Don’t be scared of losing your money. Because money does not make a person happy.

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